Diabetic Skin Care Tips That Work


People with diabetes frequently experience skin problems. Diabetes affects the sweat glands in the body, causing skin perspiration to decrease. In this article, we’ll go over a few suggestions for proactively avoiding skin disorders.

  • Hot bathing dries up the skin. Stay away from them.
  • After bathing, moisturise your skin promptly.
  • People with itchy, dry skin should use Use gentle skin care products.
  • To relieve dryness, apply lip balm or petroleum jelly.

Diabetics are prone to have skin problems at some point during their condition. This is due to the fact that diabetes affects the sweat glands of the body and normally lowers skin sweating. Furthermore, high blood sugar levels harm the nerves and cause a loss of feeling. This impairs a person’s capacity to heal minor wounds. This might result in skin issues such as a diabetic rash, diabetic blisters, rashes, psoriasis, and fungal infections. Please see a doctor for psoriasis therapy in Ayurveda, as it is a serious skin illness.

Listed below are a few skincare recommendations to help diabetics care for their sensitive skin and decrease the challenges they face:

  • Hot baths are bad for your skin since they dry it out. Take a cold shower instead. It keeps moisture on the skin and relieves stress.’
  • After bathing, moisturise your skin promptly. 2-3 times per week, massage your body with essential oils. This seals in moisture and decreases itching.
  • To avoid itchy and dry skin, use moderate, soothing, and chemical-free toiletries.
  • During the winter, the cold causes the skin to become dry or irritated. Use a humidifier to avoid this. If you don’t want to buy the machine, you can easily replicate the effect at home. For a few hours, heat a large pot of water over a medium flame. You can also flavour this water with spices like turmeric (haldi) and herbs like ginger (adrak). Bathing in this steam aids in the recovery of damaged skin and the restoration of moisture.
  • Your skin is highly sensitive to cuts and burns as a result of the damaged nerves. To minimise infection, use sterile gauze pads on even the smallest wounds.
  • Lips that are dry and chapped can be as dangerous as an open wound. To relieve dryness, apply lip balm or petroleum jelly.

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