Heart, Blood Pressure, and Blood Sugar – the golden triangle


The heart, blood pressure, and sugar levels are the primary indicators that I constantly monitor to ensure that I am in good health. As a woman with so much on her plate, I occasionally lose track of things, such as drinking water regularly and going to bed on time. We are unaware that everything we do or don’t do affects both our physical and mental health. It is time we took our health seriously, despite our propensity to undervalue it.

So, returning to the golden triangle, I have realized that these three components are essential to my health monitoring plan. Let’s now discuss each separately.

The Heart

A healthy heart is essential for overall wellness. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is necessary for the smooth and effective operation of the heart. This includes proper nutrition, adequate rest, and regular exercise. This reduces the likelihood of heart disease and heart attacks.

How can one determine if their heart is healthy? The heart rate tells the tale. Each pulse will correspond to your heartbeat, which propels blood through your arteries. This pulse indicates the strength of your blood flow and, ultimately, the blood pressure in various parts of the body. A healthy pulse indicates a healthy heart.

There are a few indicators to watch out for. Symptoms of a weak heart include fatigue and weakness, shortness of breath, diminished endurance, and inability to exercise. The pressure is an additional factor to monitor.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure measurements consist of a numerator and a denominator. It would be ideal if you monitored both of them. First, there is systolic blood pressure, followed by diastolic blood pressure. Both must be known. As the heart beats, blood is distributed throughout the body. The pressure created by this force. The systolic blood pressure is shown here. Diastolic blood pressure is measured when the heart is at rest between beats. This is the time required for the heart to receive blood and oxygen.

The logic is elementary. The higher your blood pressure, the more blood your heart pumps and the narrower your arteries are. In contrast, blood pressure decreases when blood volume decreases. High blood pressure can be caused by stress, obesity, high salt intake, and lack of physical activity; low blood pressure can be caused by dehydration, heart problems, blood loss, and nutrient deficiency. A natural treatment for hypertension is the best option. Meditation is a straightforward way to alleviate stress.

We undervalue the need for mental composure. It is not only about how you respond to situations; it also helps you maintain your health and mental state. Truly, one of the keys to a healthy body is a tranquil mind. For holistic health, you need the best ayurvedic medicine for heart health and a natural remedy for blood pressure. In addition, cholesterol levels should be managed as they are an additional risk factor for heart disease. Frequently, individuals with elevated cholesterol levels are unaware that their cholesterol levels are elevated.

Sugar Levels

Normal sugar levels are essential for preventing long-term health problems, maintaining a healthy weight, and feeling good in general. High blood sugar causes damage to the blood vessels that supply the vital organs. This increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Conversely, low sugar levels cause weakness and dizziness. Also present are stress, nervousness, and anxiety.

Increased fibre intake, plenty of water, and regular exercise are all home remedies for sugar control. This is for anyone who wishes to avoid future health complications, not just those with prediabetes. As this is a genetic disorder, it is prudent to monitor this number if it runs in your family.

This is the Golden Triangle

The relationship between heart health and blood pressure is intricate. High blood pressure can cause damage to the arteries, reduce their elasticity, and reduce the flow of blood and oxygen to the heart. The third point of this triangle is the glucose levels. People with diabetes are more likely than those without diabetes to develop heart disease at a younger age.

I’ve read that more than 35 percent of the population has an elevated risk of type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease ( heart disease or stroke). The worst aspect is that 90% of us are unaware of it. Worry-filled living is not something that I would recommend. Consequently, the next best thing to do is to live a healthy and natural lifestyle. This includes a healthy diet, nutritious meals, regular exercise, and sufficient rest. Your mental state improves automatically, and your health indicators are also positive.

The three factors of Heart, Blood Pressure, and Sugar Levels must be monitored daily. It is not something that you can or should take for granted. I used to fret daily about how to keep an eye on them. Now, I do not worry. I have discovered the optimal method for taking care of myself and my family. Ayurveda for health is where I discovered the answer.

I would recommend the doctors at EliteAyurveda & DRC for this reason. I have done my research. Neither should you take your health lightly. It is essential that we monitor our diet. Natural supplements are essential for achieving holistic health. It is difficult for us to consistently prepare nutritious meals. Occasionally, we end up cutting corners in the kitchen and preparing simple meals. When you do not have the time to care for yourself, you should add something to your diet that will do so for you.

The human body is an incredible creation. Everything is extremely interconnected. Nonetheless, you must ensure that you do not take it for granted. There is no age limit for heart problems or hypertension. It is not only a matter of age, but also of stress levels, way of life, and how we approach life itself. You require the most effective ayurvedic medicine for heart health.

Ayurveda is used to treat a variety of issues associated with general health, holistic well-being, and premature ageing. To achieve longevity, you must take care of your body and mind while keeping the doshas in equilibrium. Constant stress, an irregular diet, and a lack of exercise can be extremely detrimental. Ayurveda is the only path to health.

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