Unmasking the Diabetes Culprits: Transform Your Diet for a Healthier Future.


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In search of a better and diabetes-free living, Dr Soumya, Lead Ayurveda Specialist at EliteAyurveda Clinics & Diabetes Reversal Clinics takes us on an eye-opening journey through the foods that are at the heart of the global diabetes issue. Drawing on considerable study and reputable sources, Dr Soumya dispels myths and gives a detailed list of foods whose exclusion could potentially cure 90% of diabetes cases globally.

1. Dispelling the Fat-Free Snack Myth:

Dr Soumya begins his revelation with a critical assessment of fat-free packaged foods. Contrary to common opinion, these snacks, which are marketed as healthier options, frequently replace healthy fats with processed sugar. As a result, blood sugar levels rise, inflammation develops, and arteries and nerves may be damaged.

2. Exposing the Hidden Risks of Low Fat Salad Dressings:

Reduced fat salad dressings reveal hidden sources of sugar and salt, creating the illusion of a healthier option. Dr Soumya warns against these deceiving condiments and instead recommends healthy options such as mustard, salsa, and Greek yogurt.

3. The Facts About Artificial Sweeteners:

While artificial sweeteners are touted as low-calorie options, Dr Soumya advises caution because they have the potential to cause cravings. He advises the use of more natural sweeteners and contradicts past studies that portrayed fats negatively, implying probable industrial influence.

4. Choose Low Glycemic Index Condiments:

Certain condiments, like maple syrup, honey, agave nectar, ketchup, and barbecue sauce, are known for their high glycemic indexes. Dr Soumya suggests healthy options, like mustard, salsa, and apple cider vinegar.

5. Debunking the Fruit Myth:

Contrary to popular belief, Dr Soumya questions the concept that fruits are bad for diabetics. Based on a 2017 study, he claims that the natural sugars in fresh fruits, when ingested in moderation, do not increase blood sugar and can even help avoid diabetes.

6. Moving away from processed snacks:

Pastries, store-bought energy bars, and candy bars are tested for high sugar content. Dr Soumya recommends healthy snack options including nuts and avocados.

7. A Healthy Start to the Day:

Certain morning items, such as fruit-flavored yogurt, sugary cereals, and sugar-laden granola, have been criticized for their effect on blood sugar levels. Dr Soumya suggests eggs, avocado, and black coffee for a healthy start to the day.

8. The Milk/Meat Dilemma:

Dr Soumya discusses the potential drawbacks of zero-fat milk, emphasizing the significance of purchasing high-quality, unprocessed milk. He discourages the use of sweet spreads and breakfast blends. Addressing misunderstandings about saturated animal fats, he says that moderate consumption may not be as dangerous as commonly believed.

9. Fried Foods and Trans Fat Era:

The harmful oils used in fried foods and the once-dreaded trans fats are investigated. Dr Soumya underlines the link between these dietary components and inflammation, encouraging continued investigation of food labels for other potentially harmful additives.

10. Nutrition and Fiber: Achieving Balance:

Dr Soumya emphasizes the importance of salt in the diet and advises people with certain health concerns to reduce their intake. He believes that salty snacks, such as potato chips, are bad for your health.

11. Sweet Drinks & Beverages:

Dr Soumya recommends avoiding sugary drinks, flavored milk, and fruit smoothies because of their high glycemic index. He recommends water, tea, or low-calorie broth as healthier options.

12. The Risks of Added Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup:

Dr Soumya laments the widespread use of added sugar and high fructose corn syrup in a variety of foods, attributing them to a number of health problems, including diabetes and heart disease.


Tom Dr Soumya’s extensive analysis serves as a guide for changing our diets, revealing which items contribute significantly to the diabetes epidemic. Individuals can significantly improve their general health and reduce their risk of diabetes by avoiding or limiting their use of these factors. As Dr Soumya argues, a deliberate approach to food choices, along with intermittent fasting, can be an effective technique for living a better life. It’s time to identify the causes of diabetes and embrace a healthier future.

Medically reviewed by Dr Soumya, Lead Ayurveda Specialist at EliteAyurveda Clinics. With more than 15 years of experience treating endocrine and diabetic problems,


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