How a Busy Mom Reversed her Diabetes Naturally. Here’s Exactly How I Did It


Experts say it’s possible to undo a diabetes diagnosis, but what does it really take? Here’s what one woman who hates exercise and loves carbs learned about taking charge of her health and family history.

I was mistaken in thinking that everything came in multiples of three. Around the corner, there was more unfavorable news.

My family doctor speculated that I may have diabetes when the HbA1C test revealed I had high blood sugar (9 millimoles per litre, compared to a normal level of 4- 6 mmol/l).

My type 2 diabetes was verified by additional tests. I was in awe. I have never smoked, never had a sweet appetite, and I have always been a healthy weight (I am 5 feet 7 inches and just 56 kg). I also have no family history of diabetes. I also eat a good diet.

My great-grandfather learned all too well that neuropathy, a nerve ailment that can proceed to situations that necessitate amputation, will affect almost half of diabetics. Neuropathy starts with tingling at the limbs.

If I didn’t take action, I would be more likely to die early or could experience poor vision, poor kidney function, heart failure, and strokes. Type 2 diabetes is characterised by the pancreas‘ inability to produce enough insulin to maintain glucose levels at normal levels (in type 1, the pancreas stops releasing insulin entirely). Eventually, I’d also be taking a variety of drugs.

My doctor advised me that my diabetes was manageable with diet alone and provided me a tonne of informational pamphlets on diabetic nutrition. I started eating salads, reduced my carbohydrate intake, and made sure to get my five a day, but my progress was modest. I lost a stone in seven months, but my blood sugar was still too high (7 mmol/l).

Additionally, the meds consisted of a standard daily dosage. However, after two years, I was taking a lot more meds than I had intended to, with the possibility that they may plateau after another few years.

The serious negative effects it had were in addition to the rising cost of the medications. I went online to do some research because I was unsatisfied with this and found some drastic solutions.

Many of the home cures I had previously attempted were not a long-term solution because my sugar values were highly unpredictable and variable, which also caused a few medical issues, which I was ashamed about.  I was unable to determine which herbal remedies are most effective for me.

I consulted several Ayurveda physicians before settling on a dedicated Ayurveda Clinic that focused solely on diabetes reversal. The decision was aided by the several encouraging recommendations they received.

I ultimately chose to undertake the Ayurvedic treatment after speaking with Dr. Soumya at the Diabetes Reversal Clinic and receiving approval from my GP (experts warn never to start such a drastic regimen without first checking with your doctor).

Ayurveda offers distinct medication forms for body kinds or doshas, which they describe as pitta, vata, and kapha or occasionally a mix of doshas. I was given a treatment plan that was suitable for my body type.

Instead of using over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, the treatment plan included freshly produced herbal medicines, therapy, and a less stringent diet than I had anticipated.

The reason why home remedies didn’t actually work for me in the past as, every herb does not necessarily work for every body type. Therefore, it is best to seek the advice of an Ayurvedic or Unani physician who specialises in identifying the body type and underlying causes of illness.

My glucose levels fell from 6 mmol/l to 5.9 mmol/l in just three days. There was always food available. But according to Dr. Soumya, the hunger pangs are a sign that the medicine is working, thus they should be welcomed.

She advised toasting oneself with water to ward off hunger. I drank a pint of water, and the hunger subsided. The weight loss was rapid. I had already lost 2 lb by day three.

Every day, the pattern was the same. I also tried a few home cures that I asked Dr. Soumya’s advice on, as well as more soups like carrot, tomato, and pea, baked vegetables, stir-fried vegetables, boiling vegetables, and casseroles.

My family was worried about my overall health, even though I was getting slimmer. However, I began to feel more energised and engaged in my daily tasks.

But I was unable to ignore concerned remarks made about my “shrinking” at work. Some of my clothes started to no longer fit me.

When my GP tested me two months later, I registered a healthy, non-diabetic 5.1mmol/l, and I was thrilled to hear thathim say that my diabetes had resolved itself.

My HbA1C was lowered to a healthy, non-diabetic level as a result of my commitment to the diet and, more significantly, the treatment, which I was glad to participate in. My most recent reading was 4.9 mmol/l, and it has stayed that way for the past year. I started running three times a week, joined a gym, and kept my weight at little under 9st.

I have been without diabetes medication for almost a full year. My doctor did inform me that, given my age, my diabetes can be regarded as reversed. However, in other situations, depending on their severity and age, they may either be entirely cured or in remission.

The research conducted by Doctor Soumya Hullanavar and her team, including my case studies, would be published the following year. something I am glad to have contributed to and been a part of.

I’ll continue eating well in the meanwhile to avoid developing diabetes. I don’t feel like going through those bitter shakes again – uggh :C.

The author is a Lead Ayurveda Specialist at Diabetes Reversal Clinics & EliteAyurveda Clinics. With over 15 years of experience in treating endocrine & diabetes cases

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