How does CGM Device Help in Diabetes Reversal?



There are various devices that are used to measure blood sugar levels, like the traditional one by pricking yourself and checking the blood glucose levels. But it becomes a nightmare when you have to continue to prick yourself for a very long time or even life time, and that’s a real challenge. To overcome this challenge, CGM devices came into existence.

Every person having diabetes responds to food and lifestyle in different ways. The composition of the body of every human being is different, and thus, there is inaccuracy in the knowledge on how much effect a food type can cause to a diabetic patient. For one person having a bread won’t spike their blood glucose levels to 200mg/dl, but for the other one it may. Thus, it becomes important to track information throughout the day in order to maintain the blood sugar levels. And here, the CGM devices can be lime-lighted.

To manage diabetes and prevent its untold complications, continuous monitoring of glucose is needed, which is lacking by the normal glucometer or self-monitoring blood glucose device (SMBG). Thus, CGM devices end all the problems which measure blood glucose levels 24/7 and that too painlessly and precisely.

The CGM devices consist of small round patches with sensors of about size of 10 coins, which measures interstitial fluid which is the fluid that surrounds the body cells. These sensors take real-time blood glucose readings every 15 minutes at regular intervals. Over the course of 14 days, more than 1300 blood sugar measurements will be taken without the use of needles. It converts these measurements into dynamic data and creates glucose trend reports. These CGM reports will help you understand how your blood glucose levels are affected by your food, exercise, sleep, stress, and other conditions.

The graphs of CGM serve important information that is hidden but understandable on what actually affects blood glucose levels. Thus, based on the information, doctors are able to make small but meaningful changes in lifestyle that may help in balancing blood glucose levels. This also implies that you won’t have to completely give up on your favorite foods and live in a fear of sudden increase or decrease in sugar levels. This can be completely managed by CGM devices.

Benefits of CGM devices:

1.      All-in-one — Convenience, Comfort, and Data Capture: AGM systems can give real-time (you can check your sugar levels yourself at any time, as well as being able to download them), retrospective (you can’t see your sugar levels in real time but you can look back at results by downloading them), and dynamic glucose information, unlike SMBG or glucometers, which only provide a single blood sugar reading.

2.      Excellent option for people of all ages: This gadget is suitable for people of all ages. They are ideal for children aged four and older since they let parents or physicians to monitor their blood glucose levels painlessly.

3.      Acts as a 24-hour lifeline: Notifies the user when their blood sugar levels fall into dangerously low ranges. As a result, the user may make changes to their diet, medicine, and amount of activity.

4.      Utilized for Drug Delivery: It can also be used for drug delivery in diabetic patients. They can be connected with other suitable medical equipment, like insulin pumps and other automated insulin dosage systems, to improve the patient’s overall experience.

5.      Patients with prediabetes and non-diabetes can also utilize it: Because this device provides valuable information about blood sugar levels, rate, and direction of change, it can be used to help people with and without diabetes better manage their health.

6.      It helps in improving the HbA1c levels as one can tailor their insulin levels more carefully.

7.      CGM doesn’t provide the complete picture of how diabetes affects you, thus it can lead to more tailored therapy. It just informs you when your glucose levels rise or fall, not why. Your provider, on the other hand, can obtain CGM data from your device and look for patterns and trends. Based on what they discover, they can tailor your treatment.

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