Tips for Diabetic Skin Care that Actually Work


Skin problems are a common problem for those with diabetes. Reduced sweating is a common side effect of diabetes, which affects the body’s sweat glands. In this piece, we’ll go over some preventative measures you may take to keep your skin healthy and free of issues.

Some Tips that work

  • Skin becomes dry after a hot bath. Ignore them.
  • Apply moisturiser right after a shower or bath for best results.
  • If your skin is dry and irritated, try using Put on cosmetics that are easy on the skin.
  • Lip balms and petroleum jelly can help relieve dryness.

Itchy, irritated skin is only one of the many skin problems that diabetics can experience. This is because diabetes interferes with the body’s sweat glands, causing the skin to produce less sweat. In addition, a diminished capacity to feel is a direct outcome of the nerve damage caused by high blood sugar. A person’s ability to recover from even minor injuries is compromised by this. This can cause a variety of skin issues, including a diabetic rash, blisters, rashes, psoriasis, and fungal infections. Psoriasis is a serious skin condition that requires medical attention for effective Ayurvedic treatment.

Some helpful skincare advice for diabetics, who often have extra-sensitive skin, is provided below.

  • To prevent skin dryness, a hot bath should be avoided. Rather, you should take a cold shower. It prevents water loss from the skin and calms you down.
  • Apply moisturiser right after a shower or bath for best results. Two or three times per week, give your body a massage using essential oils. This prevents moisture loss and itching.
  • Avoid skin irritation and dryness by only using moderate, chemical-free personal care products.
  • Skin might become dry or irritated as a result of the winter’s low temperatures. Humidifiers can help you avoid this problem. It’s simple to replicate the effect without purchasing the machine. Start by heating a large pot of water over a moderate flame for several hours. Turmeric (haldi) and ginger (adrak) are only two examples of spices and plants that would go well in this water. Soaking in the steam aids in the repair and hydration of dry skin.
  • Your skin is especially sensitive to cuts and burns because of the damaged nerves. Even minor cuts and scrapes should be bandaged with sterile gauze pads to prevent infection.
  • Lips that are dry and chapped can cause as much damage as a cut. Lip balms and petroleum jelly can help relieve dryness.

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