Is There a Diabetes Cure?” – Expert Answer

Diabetes Cure

In 2021, The International Diabetes Federation reported that about 537 million people suffered from diabetes. With over 1.4 lakh deaths being recorded in 2022.

The numbers only seem to be rising and the staggering statistics on diabetes continue to show masses of people falling prey to diabetes which is now known as the biggest epidemic in human history.

With the increasing number of patients getting diagnosed with diabetes, the scientists, researchers, doctors and the common man continue to be on the quest to find a cure for the deadly disease.

However, for a patient who may find innumerable resources and sources that claim to reverse and completely cure diabetes, we are here to find the legitimacy of the most popular approaches that aim and claim a cure.

Before we form a judgement on the cure, it is important to understand the cause and meaning of diabetes.

Which brings us to the primal question,

What is diabetes?

Diabetes stands for the inability of the body to regulate the blood glucose levels on its own.

An understanding of diabetes is incomplete without knowing the role of insulin.

What is insulin?

Insulin is a hormone secreted by the beta cells of the Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas.

How does insulin work?

When the blood glucose levels rise in the body due to ingestion of a meal, the pancreas secrete insulin which promotes the uptake of glucose from the blood and into the cells thus maintaining normal blood glucose levels.

 What are the types of diabetes?

 Diabetes is mainly classified into type 1 and type 2 diabetes based on the cause.

 Type 1 diabetes is believed to occur due to a genetic predisposition in the body of the individual which leads to insulin deficiency causing high blood glucose levels.

 Type 2 diabetes is when the body may produce enough insulin but the body is unable to utilise the insulin due to insulin resistance of the cells, leading to prolonged high blood glucose levels.

 More than 95% of diabetic patients suffer from type 2 diabetes.

 It is observed that type 2 diabetes can be controlled and reversed by managing lifestyle factors but for type 1 diabetes since the cause is unclear, the means of finding a cure still remains unknown.

In this article, we will explore 3 of the most popular approaches of the modern world that aim to find a cure for diabetes.

 Out of the countless approaches being practiced across the globe to eliminate diabetes, we can broadly categorise them into 3 approaches:

1. Cellular approach

2. Surgical approach

3. Dietary approach

1. Cellular approachDiabetes Cure

 Many researchers and scientists have been working tirelessly since several decades to reverse diabetes and truly eradicate it from its root i.e the cell.

 Scientists are working on ‘Stem cell research’ where they trace the formation of the human body from a single cell and try to create functional beta cells responsible for insulin secretion.

 One of the key challenges faced by this approach is to protect these cells from the immune reaction of the body because on injection, they will be recognised as foreign for being formed outside the body.

 The research on this front is ongoing and yet to reach a breakthrough that makes it possible to eradicate diabetes on a cellular level.

2. Surgical approachDiabetes Cure

 Out of the 3 approaches being discussed, this approach is the least popularly known although it has the highest success rate in ‘curing’ type 2 diabetes.

 The limiting factor being the number of people who are capable of undergoing the invasive surgery are 0.1 to 1% of the people with access to surgery.

The criteria to be eligible for the surgery includes patients suffering with type 2 diabetes having a BMI over 30.

3. Dietary approachDiabetes Cure

 When it comes to diabetes cure in 2022, this approach is the most popular and sought after by individuals of all ages.

 What makes this approach the most popular is that it brings the power to cure diabetes to every household, making it the most affordable, holistic and easy to practice.

 Commonly known diets under this category include:

1. The no carb – high fat diet or the Keto diet

2. Whole food plant-based diet

These are two of the many diets being propagated and practiced with authentic results where people have been able to reverse diabetes and are now leading a disease and stress-free life.

Since a cure indicates complete eradication of disease, in the dietary approach, there is a complete chance of reoccurrence of the disease once the individual goes back to the same habits that caused the disease.  

We conclude by saying, since a cure for diabetes is yet to be found, until then let’s keep ourselves safe by preventing and regulating diabetes through lifestyle modifications and following healthy habits.